Chromebook が、日本の理系教育の水準を引き上げる

3日がかりで端末の設定を変えたあの労力を 教育活動に充てられることには、 大きな意味があると思っています。

木村 健太氏、広尾学園中学校・高等学校 医進・サイエンスコースマネージャー理科(生物)教諭


The school had implemented tablets and had run into problems. Kenta Kimura, Hiroo Junior and High school, Science Head of Department says “Students use presentation software for their assignments. However tablets were limiting when students needed to type and edit pictures for their creative work. There were also software compatibility issues with certain file formats and apps not working as intended after regular OS updates.”


The school implemented Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education. This solution removed issues related to file formats and software compatibility. The quality of research work incredibly improved when all students could collaborate real time to discuss the findings on Google Docs.